Linked sever mssql to Oracle part 2

In addition to my former blog post Create a Linked server, I will now show you what you can do with the linked server and how to run scheduled jobs between the databaseservers.

In our last post we created a link between a Oracle 10G database and MSSQL2008 server. Now that we established the connection we can schedule jobs in the mssql database to get the data synced with the oracle server.

You can view and query your oracle database in linked server you created under mssql, but you can also send jobs and data to the oracle server

Create a job step and insert a query to specify the data that needs to be copied. We want to insert new and modified organisation data to a financial database.

The code for my Scheduled job:

We run this job every 30 minutes daily and our jobĀ is done, that was easy!

We can write as much jobs and add multiple linked servers as you like.