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IBM Watson assistant – Live web chat integration

IBM has launced a new feature as add on to the virtual assistant: Web chat - Live agent. IBM is really putting some work in becoming the best virtual assistant.
This functionallity can switch a user from a chatbot conversation directly to a real human agent.

This is the second feature, next to the search skill (Discovery), that can really boost your chatbot game. Since your chatbot can now be a single point of contact for all your customers!

The web agent is an of the shelf integration, just add a script provided by IBM, no developer or programming skills are needed.

How do you integrate it on your own website?
You need to look up the Live Engage integration in the catalog on IBM cloud. You will need a plus or premium plan. You will be able to escalate conversations to this platform out of the box using Web Chat.

Just put the script element in the header of the website page you want it to display your assistant:

    <title>My Test Page</title>
    <p>The body of my page.</p>
    <!-- put copied script elements here -->

This is how the UI looks like for an agent. It can see the history of the current chat and respond real time to the customer.

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IBM Cloud platform Watson API – CLI Tools Error: NO CF API endpoint set

IBM Watson is a really good AI platform.
But since development of the Watson Platform goes so quickly, they keep pushing new updates and workspaces.
If you are a developer, this can be quite time consuming, since you need to keep rebuilding the former workspace now called Skills and APi configurments.
This last Update to V2 and the deprecation of the bluemix environment gave me quite a few headaches.

To save you from the hassle, here is an example how you can rebuild a Watson assistant and Watson discovery API with the cloud CLI Tool.

c:\Program Files\IBM\Cloud\bin>ibmcloud cf push
No CF API endpoint set.
Use 'ibmcloud target --cf-api ENDPOINT [-o ORG] [-s SPACE]' to target Cloud Foundry, or 'ibmcloud target --cf' to target it interactively.

it's because you are still pointing to the old bluemix link:
c:\Program Files\IBM\Cloud\bin>ibmcloud api
Setting api endpoint...
API endpoint is going to be deprecated. Use

here is what you do:
c:\Program Files\IBM\Cloud\bin>ibmcloud api
c:\Program Files\IBM\Cloud\bin>\ibmcloud login
now your ENDPOINT is set to the
Now set the right environment for discovery:
c:\Program Files\IBM\Cloud\bin>ibmcloud target --cf-api

Now you can (re-)do al your CF functions