Node.js on Windows 8 with Chocolatey

Disclaimer: I know I'm not the first one who is jumping on this train. I'm late majority when it comes to Node.js and JavaScript. But it's nonetheless fun to blog about the journey. And that's the reason for these posts.

Let's install Chocolatey first. Just open a command prompt and copy and paste the text and press enter.


For Node JS this is the package you need, because it contains NPM as well.
Just type

cinst nodejs.install

And there it goes.
node install


Check it out by creating a javascript file with e.g.

console.log("Join us today");

Save it as joinus.js
And then fire up a Powershell prompt of Dos prompt and type

node joinus.js

The result:

PS C:\Users\jacqueline\Desktop\Invites> node .\test.js
Join us today

Doesn't this bring tears in your eyes?

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